Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall 2


Name: Adrian Hall
Date of Birth:  12/01/90
Place of Birth:  Rotorua, NZ
Height:  190cm
Weight:  108kg
Position:  Lock
Rep Honours:  Perth Spirit & Sydney Rays
Junior Club:  
Further Information:  Adrian joined the Marlins in 2016, off the back of a season playing for Perth Spirit in the NRC





So, tell us about your playing career – when did you pick up a rugby ball, and what has happended since?

I was probably given a rugby ball before I could walk it's pretty much ingrained into us in NZ. From diapers to now I've been fortunate enough to have travelled different places and meet some shady characters along the way, playing rugby always helped me meet new people when relocating.

How has your pre/early season been progressing – are you where you want to be?

There has been some long nights and tough sessions through out this pre season and we feel we are in a better place than this time last year however there is a lot of other teams that will feel the same and it is up to us to perform week in and week out. Personally I feel I am more settled in Sydney after living here for a year now which has allowed me to get back on track with a better training routine which will hopefully lead to better individual performances.

What are your personal goals for the season?

I would firstly like to see the team do well and be consistent in performance I feel if we can get better as a group and individually hopefully guys in the team can then push to higher honours.

Outside of the derby, what fixture are you looking forward to most and why? Or which team do you look forward to playing and why?

The way things ended last year was tough, Norths will be one a lot of guys will have highlighted. Especially after playing with a lot of those guys in the Rays I think it will be an exciting game and a healthy rivalry.

Biggest rugby moment/achievement so far?

There's lots of little wins along the way but if I had to chose it would be going back to back playing for Fraser Tech in Waikato and also being involved in the NRC and recently the Australian Barbarians.

Biggest Hurdle and how you overcame it?

Everyone has there injuries all you can do is deal with it and start training as soon as you can to get back to where you need to be.

First Grade Captain! How do you see your role, and what are your plans?

As captain I think it's important to be consistent in training and performing so if I can compete at a high level and do my job well within the team hopefully that carries through the team. As for plans we have targets as group so if we can achieve these and be consistent in performing hopefully we give ourselves a good chance to win the competition.

Best attribute as a player? Or worst?

Can't kick to save myself.

What’s your day job and how do you balance the two?

Currently I deliver food and coffee for three beans throughout the beaches and the city - I'm known as the beansmen. Fortunately my job doesn't interfere with rugby I start early hours of the morning at 4am and usually done by mid morning this gives me time to train during the day.

Which team mate would be voted off Big Brother first and who would win?

It would be between Josh Turner & Cecil (James Hilterbrand). Josh because I imagine him being extremely annoying to live with and Cecil because his talks a lot of jiberish and steals all my sayings. Junior would probably win because he's the moral of the team.

Player with the best work ethic and why?

Kotoni, not only because of what he went through but he's always prepared and early to training and always looking to improve

As a player, what do you need to improve?

Tuns is on me about my ball placement after I have been tackled so it'll have to be that.

Favourite Meal?

Can't go wrong with a medium rare steak salad sweet potatoe chips and aioli ?

Three special dinner guests?

Rey Lewis, The Rock, Muhammad Ali

Desert Island Discs?

Bob Marley, Six 60 ,Connor Maynard & Trey songs

Who at the club has the best/worst banter?

Hmmmm between Cecil & Sam Lane - Cecil because for every one good joke he come up with 10 very average jokes. And Laney because he just has shit chat.

Best/worst dressed?

Cecil I once saw him at the wharfy with sticky tape wrapped around his jandal/thong to hold it on his foot

If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be?

Super Bowl

Rugby Hero/Sporting Hero/Hero?

Rey Lewis

Whats your nickname and why?

Hally - pretty standard really it seems to be an ozzy thing that has just caught on.

One word to describe you?