Harry Bergelin

Harry Bergelin


Name: Harry Bergelin
Date of Birth:  24/01/1991
Place of Birth:  Sydney, Aus
Height:  187cm
Weight:  98kg
Position:  Back Row
Rep Honours:  Sydney Rays 2014-16
Junior Club:  Manly Roos



So, tell us about your playing career – where did you start your rugby career?

I played for Manly Roo’s from about 5 y.o. played there for 10 years+, progressed on the club pathway (not school) and played met-north, Sydney Juniors, NSW etc. Started playing colts as early as possible for Manly Rugby.

How has your preseason been progressing – are you where you want to be?

Pre-season for me started late as I had about a month off in Feb, but ultimately I think it helped me as I haven’t gotten tired with any of the preseason training. I’m lucky enough to not struggle to get fit- but rugby fit is different and we have only had 1 maybe 2 trials- so we will see.

What are your personal goals for the season?

Play in a team with Manly that has confidence and unity about the way we are playing- and have enjoyment in doing the hard things.
Winning more moments and never ringing the bell.

Outside of the derby, what fixture are you looking forward to most and why? Or which team do you look forward to playing and why?

I wouldn’t say I enjoy the derby that much.. It’s generally not about playing rugby..
I’m excited about playing Norths, they were the best last year- I think we have the potential to be better.

Biggest rugby moment/achievement so far?

Top try scorer in the Shute Shield in 2014 was a random but pretty proud achievement!

Best attribute as a player? Or worst?

Worst- throwing lose passes

What’s your day job and how do you balance the two?

Owner of Bergelin Estate Agents ;)
I have surrounded myself with a really good team who do all my work. Delegation is key hahahaha

Which team mate would be voted off Big Brother first and who would win?

Dan Alley – Cooking everyone’s food.
DPG would probably win – I just wouldn’t vote him off out of fear

Player with the best work ethic and why?

Adrian Hall- skipper has to have

Favourite Meal?

Depends on the moment, Diggers Burger after a game is a great option. Benno Jaffle at Cartel is awesome, Anything made by my ‘roommate’ Deanna Bergelin goes pretty good too

Three special dinner guests?

Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei

Desert Island Discs?

What would we play them on?

Who at the club has the best/worst banter?

Jack Brisby/ Brad Meaney- you decide..

Best/worst dressed?

Dan Alley- Trendy Fob- Best
Andrew Watson worst- I have seen him at the round bar in Rugby Boots and a Marlin Polo  

If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be?

Monaco F1

Rugby Hero/Sporting Hero/Hero?

George Smith- what Manly kid would say different..

One word to describe you?

Manly hahaha